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Converged Cyber™ is Raytheon’s holistic, defensive cyber solutions framework that helps governments integrate people, processes, and technology to achieve national and/or organizational security goals. The underpinning of this framework is the melding, or convergence, of defensive cyber capabilities with comprehensive analytical tools and all-source intelligence.

The Raytheon approach is unique in its ability to tailor the solution through rapid integration of various data sets to precisely meet a customer’s mission. Adding new capabilities as needs evolve ensures continued cost effectiveness by leveraging prior investments.

Network awareness and threat assessments to defeat intrusions represent only a portion of a fully integrated, or converged, approach required for truly advanced threats.

A Converged Cyber solution can not only monitor all digital traffic and media to protect computer systems and stored data, but will alert you to emerging threats as they are forming. The entire spectrum of network traffic, critical communications, industrial and utility infrastructure can be monitored and protected, and importantly, can be sources of information. A Converged Cyber environment facilitates this adaptive approach through a solution framework that allows for the easy addition of new capabilities and sources of threat data.

Nation-Level Scope

Converged Cyber solutions merge intelligence with cybersecurity perspectives to give nation-states an unrivaled view of this critical domain.

The cyber domain is complex and constantly changing. The ability to see your environment in real time – to assess conditions and threats before they become crises – is vital to national security in the digital age. Raytheon’s Converged Cyber solutions help to ensure robust awareness and insight in this critical domain.


Raytheon leverages deep domain expertise and powerful analytics to better predict the next cyberattack. Our automation solutions streamline analysis and enhance productivity, while connecting potential risks to your operational and business goals.

Customizable Solutions

Any or all aspects of cybersecurity operations and intelligence gathering can be implemented for a customized solution, including:

  • Computer network protection
  • Incident response
  • Critical infrastructure command and control
  • Digital traffic logs
  • User account data
  • Physical access records
  • Insider threat
  • Cyber threat intelligence from government, proprietary and open sources
  • Transportation records
  • Lawful intercept
  • Data analytics

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