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Virtual Security Operations Center (V-SOC)

Virtual Security Operations Center (V-SOC)

Raytheon Foreground Security’s V-SOC service leverages advanced hunting capabilities to identify packet-level threats that traditional security controls can’t detect.

Leverage proprietary ATIP technology

Utilize best-of-breed tool sets

Maintain control over sensitive data

By automating many of the manual MSS processes used to identify low-level risks, our patented Automated Threat Intelligence Platform (ATIP) enables analysts to focus on advanced, persistent threats that can circumvent traditional controls.

Leveraging the power of advanced analytics and machine learning, our expert staff ensures the long-term success of information security programs by:

  • Working closely and collaboratively with you
  • Maintaining historical situational awareness
  • Understanding your unique data assets, business drivers and security posture

Insight. Innovation. Action.

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